10 day countdown….

It’s actually the 3 day countdown now. I told you I’m bad at blogging. However, I have been taking pictures of our activities for the past couple days that I will post to show you the craziness (but fun!) that has taken over my classroom!

The other Kindergarten teacher, who, by the way, is super amazing and has helped me SO much this year, gave me the idea of a 10 day countdown to do with my kiddos to celebrate the last 10 days of school. It looks a little something like this:


Each balloon has a piece of paper in it with a fun activity on it. Each afternoon we will pop the next day’s balloon. Here is a list of the activities I included:

Day 10: Tie Dye Day

Day 9: Sidewalk Chalk

Day 8: Field Day

Day 7: Camp Out Day

Day 6: Extra Computer Time

Day 5: Chew Gum and Sit Wherever You Want

Day 4: Pajama and Movie Day

Day 3: Beach Day

Day 2: No Shoes In Class

Day 1: Special Treat

Once this busy week goes by I will be sure to post pictures and comments about each activity and how it went šŸ™‚ Stay tuned!

~ Miss Sementelli

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