Day #2

Friday September 4 was the second day of school- it went surprisingly well! The kids came in off the playground and sat at their seats. I was able to give them their play dough and take one table at a time to put their things away. I reminded them about where to put their backpacks and showed them where to put their yellow folders. Once all of them had put their things away, I was able to look through each folder, taking out paperwork and notes, while the kids still sat pretty quietly and played nicely. I was done with folders by 8:45 and by 8:55 we were all on the rug ready to start our morning! The night before I had numbered the mats so the children knew where to sit- this worked out much better.

I read the book First Day Jitters and discussed with them how everyone is nervous on the first couple days of school- even the teachers! We then played another name game- this time I only had TWO kids (as opposed to over half of my class) not want to participate. This game was “hickety-pickety bumblebee” where they had to yell their name, whisper their name, then mouth their name. They LOVED it (probably because they got to yell in class).

After the name game we reviewed snack rules and I dismissed them to get their things ready for snack. After snack, we went outside for about 20 minutes- it was BEAUTIFUL. After about 12 minutes I called them over to line up- then for the next 8-10 minutes we practiced lining up in line number order. I had them line up, then look at who they were in front of and behind, then I had them run around for 30 seconds to get all mixed up, and when I called them back over they had to put themselves back in order- theu did fairly well! After 3 or 4 times of this we made our way back inside. They sat at their seats, I called one quiet table at a time to get a drink and then they were to make a circle on the rug.

I explained to them that every morning we would have “morning meeting” where we would do calendar, weather, share time, and then move on to math. We skipped everything except math today. I showed them the game called “Roll and Cover”. I had originally planned on them using little foam dots to cover the numbers that they rolled, but one of my kiddos asked if they could used stickers instead- what a GREAT idea! So I explained the roll and cover game, demonstrated how to roll the dice and how to use ONE sticker to cover the number that they roll on their paper and then sent them off. They did WONDERFUL! Some finished more quickly than others- and I just let them color their paper when they were done which I think will work just fine!

After that I took advantage of having my Ed Tech in their and we went in to the cafeteria to get assigned seats. Once those were established, we went back in to the room and I did a read aloud on lunch time behaviors. We discussed it and made a list as a class that I wrote down on a big piece of paper. My intention was for all of us to sign it- but we came up with so many great rules that there wasn’t enough room. After this I got them in line and ready for lunch!

When they came in from recess I had a coloring page at their seats and the quiet time music playing. I reminded them what quiet time was and what it looked like/sounded like. They did fairly well.

After quiet time I had them down on the mats and showed them a project we were going to do. It was an activity to get then used to using glue sticks. I had bright colored background paper for them, and their task was to cut pieces of tissue paper and glue it to the background paper. They LOVED this!! And they did SO well with it!! I was so happy with how this project turned out. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 12.49.28 PM

We started cleaning up and then got called down to the assembly- whoops! I had forgotten ALL about it! I got them in line and quickly went over some assembly rules! For not having any practice, and for hearing the rules quickly only minutes beforehand- they did pretty well!

When we got back from the assembly we finished cleaning up and then I put out the blocks, leggos, and puzzles. They could play at any of the stations, and I called students to bring me their backpacks to get ready to go home. This went pretty smoothly 🙂

What a well deserved 3 day weekend after those 2 hectic but wonderful days 🙂

~Miss Sementelli


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