Close call…

I almost, ALMOST, made it two days into a new week without blogging about the end of last week and giving you a sneak peek in to this week. Granted, it’s Monday, and I should’ve blogged over the weekend- but hey, at least I lesson planned?

Thursday- Hh day. Hat day! The kiddos got to wear hats to school. We saw some baseball caps, and some really cool/funky hats as well! I love that they are feeling comfortable and confident enough to be silly and fun and express themselves as they wish to. It makes me feel like I’m doing my job not only teaching them the academic piece, but also the social and self awareness piece!

On Thursday I did a “Coloring lesson”. We practiced our stamina in regards to coloring- they made 2 minutes the first time, 5 seconds the second time (LOL?!) and then 58 seconds the third time. I was using the phrase “I’m done!” either yelled out, or said even with a raised hand. As soon as someone said those two words I stopped the time. Before we began, I modeled what a picture should look like now that we’re in kindergarten. I scribbled on one page, with one color, and got a lot of “NOOOOOOO!!!s” so we talked about what I was doing “wrong” and what I could do better; the consensus was that I needed more than one color and I needed to “actually draw something”. So, the next picture I drew I used two colors, made a house and a person then said “I’m done!” I got a lot of “NOs” again and so we discussed again what I could do to make it better. They gave so many great ideas such as using MORE colors, adding grass, a sky, clouds, a butterfly/birds, a sun, a tree with apples on it, a car in a driveway, the key to my house- you get the point, they knew I needed details. So, I gave them the task of coloring a picture and seeing how long they could last before they truly thought they were done. When they hit the 2 minute mark, the coloring was so-so. Lots of only two colored pictures, minimal details, still some scribbling.. the 5 second time a kid literally drew a circle and said he was done…not sure if he was fooling around or serious, because, lets face it, 5 year olds can be tricky. The 58 second time was a little better- I saw a little girl in some grass with a sky and a sun. We’re getting somewhere. (Planning on doing this lesson again next week!)

Friday- HALF DAY. Ii DAY. ICE CREAM DAY. Why did I decide to do that? Oh well. We made it work. Messy- but yummy, and hey, it was Friday, so who cares if all we did was morning meeting, our alphabet page, our first library gig, and then some ice cream with a read aloud. I actually think I squeezed the word wall in there as well, but my memory is fading from me. I’m just glad I survived our PD time that afternoon!

Monday (ahem- TODAY!)- Jj day. I must say- this day was much more successful than I expected. I made my J day “jeopardy day” where I made a jeopardy game that had questions about classmates (finding them by only their names… surprisingly enough some kiddos still don’t know some of the other kiddos so I think this was GREAT for that!), questions about the letters and their sound- which gave me great insight as to where they may be (quick insight, obviously. But assessing is assessing!), and questions about the school/classroom rules. They earned beads for each correct answer- 1 bead for the classmate questions, 2 beads for the letter questions, and 3 beads for the rules questions. This actually went so well and I definitely plan on using the jeopardy game more in the future!! 🙂

I must say- I had planned to start Daily 5 today but I totally spaced on the fact that Mrs. Lakeman was coming in to do a lesson with them. Needless to say we didn’t get coloring lesson or Daily 5 lesson in- good thing it’s only Monday! 😉

For the rest of the week I actually plan to start Daily 5, Writing Workshop (easing in to it, obviously) AND math! Phew- maybe- we’ll see!


Blog again later this week!

~Miss Sementelli


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