I blame the Super Harvest Blood Eclipse Moon….

It’s been a week since my last post. Over a week actually. Last week was cRaZy… not just in the classroom, but outside the classroom, and in my mind. I blame the moon. The supermoon, harvest moon, lunar eclipse aka “blood moon”…and everything else powerful that it is. It caused chaos in my classroom and it caused me to be even more exhausted than usual. Forgive me for not blogging. However- I DID plan for last week- so I have my plans to look back on, which will be super helpful in the future. At a quick glance… things seemed to have gone as planned, and fairly well. It’s really all about patience and persistence, which I think I’m pretty good at 😉

As far as this week goes- we’re really starting to get in to the “good stuff”. For the most part they have the routines and such down- still needs reminders, but they are doing very well for the 5th week of school. We have started math stations (work with teacher, work with a buddy, work by myself). Tweaking this still- tomorrow I think I will set up stations within each station. So, work with a buddy will have 3 buddy games- they can do 1, 2, or 3 depending on what time allows for. Work by myself will have 3 or 4 activities, and once they complete one, then they can move on to the next one. I’m not sure yet- still messing around with this! 🙂 The kids are great though- they don’t mind all of the “craziness” that comes along with the new teacher trying new things every 10 minutes! I really do have a great group.

We also started Daily 5- read to self. We went over how to treat a book, how to read a book (3 ways!) and how to choose a good book- or a “good fit” book (the shoe lesson – my favorite!!) Today we started to build our stamina- our goal was to sit and do read to self for 3 minutes- we made it to 4 minutes and 46 seconds!! I was SO excited. I can’t wait to see how they do tomorrow 🙂

We are working our way through the alphabet. I have not started Houghton Mifflin yet- I think I will next week. The rest of this week is just way to packed with things to do!!

I will do my best to blog again THIS week. I have a bunch of things due Thursday- goals, sub plans, website update….putting student data on our school documentation site, and figuring out the new assessment system that I’m piloting this year. YIKES! About to pull out my hair. For now though, I’m off to relax until bed time. Because we teachers DO need that 😉

~Miss Sementelli


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