It’s Sunday- meaning another week has gone and a new one is beginning. Each week that passes seems to fly by, however, they are still “long” and leave me exhausted. My 21 perfect angels (hehe) have been doing fairly well adjusting to the routines of K, and we are starting to get used to “independent work”- though, I have a very chatty class so this may take some time.

I’ve been playing around with my math time- trying things from whole group to individual work to stations- nothing is really “sticking” yet. I think this week I will try whole group and stations- no individual (they REALLY don’t like working “alone”.)

I’m starting HM this week. Sammy Seal will present himself tomorrow morning. I feel a little behind on this- but my days are escaping me! Especially with these ABC projects- thankfully tomorrow is “Tt” day, meaning the end is near! 😉

I started Daily 5 last week- we have somewhat “mastered” Read to Self- regardless, I am going to start Read to Someone this week. I can’t quite remember how I did it last year, but I think by Thursday I will have some Read to Self and some Reading to Someone so that they can get used to the fact that not everyone will be doing the same thing at the same time.

Writing is coming along- no actual words have been really produced yet though, which kind of scares me. My labeling lesson isn’t until 5 or 6 mini lessons from now according to the program I follow- however, I may move it up to Wednesday this week just so I can get them going!

We have started our morning journals- we started on Thursday, the first day of October. They’re getting the hang of it- but I would really love to see more words or attempts so that’s what we will be working on this week.

This was my lame attempt to blog before the beginning of a new week- short, sweet, but to the point.

Hoping for a good week with my kiddos 🙂

~Miss Sementelli