The Night Before Kindergarten

Here I am, almost 8:30pm on the night before school starts. I am going in to my third year and I am feeling ready! (Although, my brain is clearly in a fog considering I over cooked my stuffing and under cooked my asparagus, but I digress…). Open house was this evening and I’d like to say it went off without a hitch but let’s face it- I have 22 students, everyone but 1 showed up tonight, and most of the families included anywhere from 1-5 people in attendance- SO, there was definitely a lot of running/screaming/jumping everywhere- but, I think all in all it went ok. I had originally planned on doing a read aloud, but decided not to last minute which I think was a good idea considering just about every parent had questions- most of them the same questions. Idea for next year- address the following questions WHOLE GROUP: 1. Snack- healthy snack option from school, they can bring their own but only allowed two. 2. Drop off on the first day- YES you can bring your kiddo in to the cafe/on to the playground- but a quick kiss and goodbye and then you’re off! 🙂 3. Please put your child’s name on extra clothes that stay in classroom. *Also for next year: do a quick review of paperwork that needs to be signed and returned. And consider being the fun police and ask kids to not run around classroom and disrupt things like books/whiteboard/etc.

The kids loved their jitter glitter and I can’t wait to hear how many of them actually put it under their pillow tonight 🙂 I am so excited to start the year off tomorrow with some great kids- they seem like a very energetic (yet shy- weird, I know) class. Here’s to a hoping that year 3 is as good as year two, only with a more experienced (and ORGANIZED) teacher! (Guys- I bought a calendar today and COLOR CODED IT! yeah- let’s see how long that’ll last!)


~Miss Sementelli