Why does the sun set?

slice-of-life_individual“Why is the grass green?” “How are M&Ms made?” “Why do babies and teenagers cry?” “How are houses built?” “How big is a penguin?” “Why is the world so silly?” These are questions asked by my 5 and 6 year old kindergarten students. We just recently celebrated the 100th day of school, and as part of our celebration we had different projects surrounding the number 100. One of them was to come up with 100 questions we have about the world. Each student came up with 5-10 questions; I typed them up and posted them on our bulletin board outside of our classroom. I put up a sign (and also emailed teachers) saying that if you walked by and knew the answer to any of our questions, please write the answer down for us.We had many teachers and students participate in the answering of our questions. One of my student’s questions was “Why does the sun set?” A question that can be answered in many different ways- scientifically, metaphorically, spiritually- you name it. Here is a second grader’s answer:


“So it’s not light when you sleep.” Whoa. This student took what could be a very complex answer and made it so literal, so simple. It made me stop and think; why do we sometimes make things so much more complicated than they have to be? Why do we have to think, act, and live like we’re 20, 30, 40, 50…why can’t we think, act, and live like we’re still 5 or 6? I get it- life is more complicated when you’re an adult; you have more responsibilities more worries, more “things to do”…but why can’t we make some things a little easier for ourselves, save ourselves some stress and anxiety, and just accept the simplest of answers, explanations, and results? Live again like you’re biggest concern is having a whole crayon vs. a broken one or hoping that it’s pizza day and not shepherd’s pie (unless you like shepherd’s pie :)); live again like the answer to your biggest question is “whatever you think” (something kindergarten teacher’s often say to their students- especially during the bubble-gumming stage of sounding out words), because when the answer is up to you, you’re a whole lot happier with the outcome.

Here are some more literal answers to remind you how simple life can be:


Don’t forget- everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Why does the sun set?

  1. paulabourque says:

    This is FANTASTIC, Jenna! You are SO in your element in kindergarten! That sense of wonder, awe, and inquisitiveness is what makes that age so invigorating to be around. I look forward to your slices (and time in your classroom) to experience the joy that kindergarten can bring to my life! This activity is precious!!


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