Positive attitudes…from the gym?!

Struggles from yesterday:

Little sleep- but I managed to get dressed appropriately for school, so high five to me!

No breakfast- but I always have access to chocolate, so is that really an issue? Didn’t think so.

Raining outside- Guarantee it’s an inside recess day-but hey, no snow pants and boots to deal with!!

Change plans to accommodate something only to have it fall through and need to be accommodated again someplace else in the day- but hey, I’m quick on my feet; I have ideas for any (read:some) hiccups throughout the days.

Found it super hard to find motivation to get to the gym- then I remembered all the chocolate I ate for breakfast (and snack, and lunch…) and suddenly found motivation.

When I got to the gym, there was a girl in the locker room, about my age. She smiled as she walked in and sat down with a huge sigh and said “I’m so tired!” I chuckled, matched her sigh, and said “I feel ya. And to think it’s only Wednesday!” To which she responded “yeah, but Wednesday’s almost over, so there’s that!”

And that was all I needed.

3 thoughts on “Positive attitudes…from the gym?!

  1. mlb1202 says:

    Loved this and can totally relate. Congrats for making it over the hump of Wednesday and to the gym! I love the truth in you finding your motivation to make it there too! That little voice in our head, and the couch calling us… the struggle is real! Lol. It is always so much harder to stay motivated when it’s raining and yucky out, so good for you!


  2. paulabourque says:

    Dang…I love your perseverance! I have those days when making myself exercise takes everything I’ve got. Love that you had some inspiration when you needed it most! I’ll bet you felt great afterward, too!!


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