Delta Phi Epsilon ~

Today is a super special day.

Today is the day my sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, turns 100Lucky to be DPhiE! 

Joining Delta Phi Epsilon was 100% the best decision I’ve made thus far in my life. It gave me a home full of unique and amazing women; and those women have been supportive, encouraging and loving as well as spontaneous, crazy, and unforgettable. The memories I’ve made with them have been nothing less than some of the best times of my life and I will never forget the late night McFlurry runs, venting/hysterical/mind blowing therapy sessions, pre-gaming before parties (always better than the actual party), sunset runs and sunset drives when we were too lazy to run, and other random and enjoyable adventures.

Now that I’ve graduated, I miss having car fulls of sisters blasting music and singing loudly. I miss meeting up with them for lunch dates and wasting time, when we all should have been doing something more productive. I miss seeing our letters everywhere  and getting a smile or a hug from sisters on campus. I miss being surrounded by a group of women who have made such an impact on my life. Without DPhiE I wouldn’t have my best friend, my perfect Little, and my soul sisters. These women are undoubtedly the rock I needed through my first 20-something years of life, and the rock I still lean on today through text messages, shared Facebook posts, and girls days when the time allows.

Besides the friendships, I gained self love, acceptance, and confidence, as well as a lot of support, encouragement, and shared experiences. All my life I’ve felt “not good enough”, and even now I think it from time to time, but I put a lot of focus on one of our philanthropies, ANAD, and through that I found support, comfort, and encouragement to beat those feelings of self doubt and low self worth/esteem. These women make everyone feel so beautiful- inside and out- that it’s hard to ever feel down just knowing I’m a part of such a wonderful organization.

I am so proud, so happy, and so, lucky  to be a unicorn. YITS!! xx

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4 thoughts on “Delta Phi Epsilon ~

  1. jet197 says:

    This is a wonderful blog! I never had the chance to be in a sorority, but I understood this perfectly. I made a group of friends from dancing, and our friendships were everything to me. Thanks for sharing this!


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