Beach hair

The best hair, is beach hair.


I never used to think that. I always hated my curls. I hated the way the humidity would take my 30 minute straighten job and turn it in to a frizzy mess. I hated the way my hair would look so big

Now, I love it. It is when I feel the best about myself. I love the way the salt forms the curls. I love the way the humidity can either make them super curly, or a little looser. I love the way the wind blows them and gives my hair serious volume.

I feel confident, sexy, fun..I feel free and adventurous.

However, during the winter months this style is almost impossible (even with Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray). It’s super hard to maintain when I’m not constantly drenching it in the ocean and letting it air dry with the windows down on at 40+mph (though over 65 and I can look like a troll :)).

Or maybe it’s just a feeling thing. Maybe it’s not so much the actual hair as it is the feeling I get during the time my hair looks like this.

I don’t know. But whatever it is, I can’t wait for. Beach hair is the best hair.


6 thoughts on “Beach hair

  1. smcninch says:

    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE beach hair. Even though mine just gets straighter and only slightly frizzy, there’s just nothing like the smell and the free feeling. Great post, just what I needed to read today. Thanks for the happy!


  2. GirlGriot says:

    Love your beach hair! For me, it’s beach skin. At the end of winter, I feel as though I’ve turned grey. I need sun and sand and sea … beach skin! May we both find beaches soon! 🙂


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