Experience of a lifetime

One of my favorite things about my boyfriend is that he’s really in to experiences rather than things. This makes birthdays, anniversaries, and just “gifts” (life) in general so much more enjoyable! His birthday is in April, but I got him an early birthday gift because, well, timing.

His favorite band is Great Big Sea. He’s been listening to them since high school and he’s turned me in to a huge fan as well. Since we started dating I tried hard to get us tickets to one of their shows, but whenever I looked they were playing somewhere pretty far away (mostly Canada) and the tickets to get there would cost 3x as much as the actual ticket to the show. Therefore, we were never able to make it to one.

Great Big Sea has since split. This broke Zach’s heart as he had spent 14 years trying to get to one of their concerts but it was just never able to happen.

Every so often I get online and check out upcoming concerts for his favorite bands, or just concerts in general. A couple of months ago during my search I came across Alan Doyle and The Beautiful Gypsies. Alan Doyle was the lead singer of Great Big Sea, so I had to check this out. I listened to a couple of their songs and fell.in.love. And I knew he would too. I had to take us. The concert was March 25th in Brownfield, ME- only a couple hours away.

I sent him a link to one of their songs and he responded with “it’d be really cool to see him play some of his new stuff”. I wanted to keep this a surprise, but I also needed to make sure he had that night off from work. I told him he could see some of his new stuff if he kept the night of March 25th available.

The show was fantastic. The best I’ve ever seen. It was truly a beautiful and amazing thing to watch and listen to, and Zach was in his delirious happy place.

The BEST part- we got to meet him. It was a pretty small venue, so we didn’t even have to wait long (though we would have if we needed to). Seeing Zach meet his favorite artist was by far one of the coolest things. He was so happy, so excited. Just look…:) Happy early birthday to the best person to ever walk in to my life xoxoxo


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