The Penny Game

Looking for a fun date idea?Β 

For Christmas this year my boyfriend and I decided not to do gifts for each other, rather, do things together instead. I came up with “25 dates for 25 days of Christmas”. Our Christmas tree was decorated with little balls, and on each ball there was a date activity.

Dinner his/her choice.

Make dinner/dessert together.

Movie his/her choice.

Free Museum

Dollar Store Date (I can post about this one another time πŸ™‚ one of my other favorites!)

Game night.

Paint night.

You get the idea…

One of the activities was called “The Penny Game”.

You and your partner get in the car and get ready for an adventure. If you know your town/streets well, maybe drive somewhere you don’t know too well and start there.

Have the driver think of a number between 5-20 (higher if you’d like!). The passenger takes a penny (or any coin) and gets ready to flip. At each intersection you come to, the passenger flips the coin. Heads, you turn right, tails you turn left. Keep doing this until you’ve flipped the coin the amount of times that the driver chose. Once you get to the “destination”, you make a date there! Whether it’s a picnic, a walk, or maybe you’ve discovered a cool restaurant or shop! The point is, you have no idea where you could end up. Your last flip could take you to a gas station- so grab a snack and find a place to sit! Maybe you come to a beautiful pond- go for a dip! Sit on the water’s edge. Maybe you found yourself in a field- have a picnic or take a nap! Maybe you end at a dead end, or a random street. Park your car somewhere out of the way and take a walk around the neighborhood! Look at the houses, pretend you’re buying one- pretend you’re already living there! Just have fun! πŸ™‚

This date was such a fun experience- we actually ended up driving in a circle! We saw a few beautiful stretches of land, some pretty houses, and even a farm that we will most definitely visit come spring/summer to watch the goats play! I love this date and I can’t wait to do it in all of the different states and towns we may live in in the future. All you need is a gassed up car, a coin, maybe some snacks, and if you want, a little cash in case something super cool comes up. But really- it’s all about the experience πŸ™‚

Happy date day/night!Β 


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