The Dollar Store

Yesterday I posted about a date activity that my boyfriend and I like to do. We both really enjoy experiences rather than things, but I couldn’t help myself when I came across this other date activity. It costs $3 and the gas to get you there and back.

It’s called The Dollar Store Date.

You and your partner head to the dollar store with $3 each. Your task is to choose only 3 things (oh by the way- you only have 15-20 minutes!).

Find something to match your partner’s personality.

Find something that makes you think of your partner.

Find something that your partner would be happy to receive as a gift.

You have to do this while your partner is not around! You don’t want them to see what you are getting. Then, take it home and share your things with them- giving an explanation for each thing. Here’s what I got Zach:

For “Something to match your partner’s personality” I chose a party hat (you know, the old school cone shaped ones)- He is silly, fun, and entertaining; all things that this party hat symbolizes!

For “Something that makes you think of your partner” I chose a book about random facts– He is obsessed with learning new “fun facts” and is constantly telling me about random things he’s learned, read, or just knows about! This book was perfect (and meant!) for him.

For “Something that your partner would be happy to receive as a gift” I chose a handle back washer– He is always complaining that he can’t reach down his whole back!! So this little thing can be soaped up and he can scratch and wash away! Lol, he loves it!!

Here’s what Zach got me:

For “Something to match your partner’s personality” he chose a pair of fuzzy socks– He says my personality is comforting and he feels comfortable with me, he says I have a warm and fuzzy feeling about me.

For “Something that makes you think of your partner” he chose a Finding Dory figurine– He says that every time he sees Dory or Nemo and anything about that movie he thinks of me saying “hey Mr. Grumpy Gills” to him when he’s feeling grumpy or down.

For “Something that your partner would be happy to receive as a gift” he chose a pair of yellow shoe laces. If you know me you would know that once the cold and snow is gone, I love funky, cute shoes. (He actually painted a pair of shoes for me- he painted daisies on a blue shoe!) My favorite color is yellow, so he bought some bright yellow shoe laces for me! I put them on my plain black and white gym shoes- they are perfect!

We had so much fun with this date- it was really hard to choose only 3 items- I actually cheated and bought him another book to go along with the fun facts book, but basically, books make me think of him! Lol. You could totally change this up and make it your own- and you could do it with anyone! Your partner, a friend, a family member…hey- maybe this could be your next super meaningful gift to someone! It actually made me cry when he was telling me why he chose socks to match my personality- who would have thought?! 🙂

Have fun!!

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