When Will it End?!




I can not express enough how much I D-R-E-A-D the end of the day. D.R.E.A.D.

It is awful. It is chaos. It is loud and crazy and I just want to roll in to a ball and cry.

What on EARTH do you do?! How do you end your days?!

The first bus gets called at 2:45. The last bus gets called sometime a little after 3:00pm.

I can’t put a read aloud on like I used to, because it gets so loud and the kids who need to be on the early bus get distracted.

I can’t let them read to self because they are so stir crazy and excited to go home that they don’t l-i-s-t-e-n. They read to each other (which is actually NOT reading..it’s laughing and giggling, and crawling around on the carpet).

I thought about a drawing book- each student can get a coloring/drawing book and they sit at their seats doing that until I call them to get their things ready to go home.

I haven’t tried that yet. That could work.


Please, give me your secrets to an easy (er) end of the day routine. My sanity depends on it.

10 thoughts on “When Will it End?!

  1. mkrueger says:

    This could not be more true!! When I taught 5th, we had study hall at the end of the day, but sometimes the kids were still crazy. I’ve tried class meetings and that worked for a little, but no matter what the end of my day always seems to be hectic, loud, and the worst! Especially Friday’s!

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  2. onathought says:

    I teach 6th grade – but one year I did a drawing at the end of the day — I gave them a calendar and they had to draw a picture to represent their day. It was mildly successful at keeping them focused. I think you should try a drawing thing of some sort. I hate loud end of the days -and by this time of 6th grade… spring fever and tweens… It’s very loud. I need a new routine myself!

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    • jsementelli says:

      I like the idea of drawing a picture of how their day went! Maybe it can be a picture of their favorite part of their day and it could be used as a talking point at home too! Hmmm you got me thinking now- thank you! 🙂

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