Wow, life really “gets in the way” sometimes, doesn’t it?! I need to stop making that as an excuse though.

I’ve wanted to write. I’ve written little things. I try to journal, but I usually end up typing things out in the notepad on my phone- pathetic huh? That I have to have my phone in my hand to get motivation to write. I blame it on the generation I’m a part of. I blame it on the things I have around me and the way I am “forced” to live- meaning if you don’t have and use a cellphone, do you even exist? It’s sad, I know.

I’ve finally started to trying reading a book, an actual books, vs online news or stupid articles.

My current book is, once again (for like the 5th time), “All I Need to Know I’ve Learned in Kindergarten”. I’m rereading it for a project, and I am loving it all over again). In his book he talks about the “Credo” that he writes every spring.

Talk about inspiring.

I want to start writing a credo.

A philosophy.

Every spring.

So, my hope to you (and to me) is to have my credo for next Tuesday. I started it last night while I was working my second job. No customers, and nothing to do, so I took out my notepad that is usually filled with orders for hungry people, and I wrote. I started neat and the writing got s l o p p y. But it was real and raw and it felt GOOD.

So, look back here next Tuesday, if you’d like.

But don’t get mad at me if life gets in the way, because it happens.

2 thoughts on “Life….

  1. mbush17 says:

    I could not agree more. I relate to this post on multiple levels and I hate that our generation deals with a cell phone so much and how social media can really impact our way of living our life. If you didn’t facebook it, snap it, or instagram it…did it happen? nope. I love this post.


  2. wonderingandwondering says:

    I’m from the “old school” generation of paper and pen, books you can hold in your hand, and face to face conversations, but I see what you mean every day with my younger colleagues at school. Stick with what works for you and what you believe. I think you’d enjoy, if you haven’t read it yet, Heinemann’s “The Teacher You Want to Be.” It’s filled with amazing “I believe” essays written by educators and Heinemann authors. I found it truly inspirational, and it really got me thinking about what I believe about education. I hope you check it out — Cheers!

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