16 weeks out

2 weeks left of school has left me frantic, tied up with “stuff”, and over all exhausted. I’ve forgotten things, been late for things, avoided things….but not this “thing”.

I have officially signed up for my first 1/2 marathon- and I am officially 16 weeks out! I have been running pretty consistently…about 10 miles/week which is “average” for a beginner. But Monday I started my “official” 16 week countdown. I am planning to follow it to a T, though there have a few less running days that I would like- I really enjoy running at least a mile each day just to keep me moving, so maybe I’ll still do that, though I really wanted to see if this program accurately progresses me to being able to complete this run.

I am nervous and excited, and I can’t wait to finally say I’ve completed a 1/2.

Next year is my full- 26 for 26 🙂

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