Birthday favorites

It’s late. I have zero energy to be awake, and I don’t know what to write. Then I remembered the topic I gave my students to write about today, in honor of celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday: What is your favorite thing to do to celebrate your birthday? Why?”

This is a hard question, because there is not only one thing I like to do. I thought for sure it’d be an easy one to answer- surprisingly it was for 5 and 6 year olds- but for me, it wasn’t an “OOOH OOHH I KNOW!” kind of answer. It was more like, well THIS does, but so does this. And so does this!”

So, I will choose my two favorite things. And I’ll give myself extra credit for coming up with more than one thing, because that’s what I’d do if I was one of my students and wrote about more than one thing! 🙂

My favorite thing to do to celebrate my birthday is eat ice cream for breakfast.

It didn’t start out as ice cream. It used to be that my mom and dad would let me put M&Ms in my cereal on my birthday (and half birthday). I thought it was the best thing in the world. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, that now that I’m an “adult” (meaning now that I live alone, buy my own food, and make my own decisions) I put M&Ms in my cereal all.the.time. I don’t remember the last bowl of cereal I ate that didn’t have M&Ms in it. So, that’s not so “special” anymore. Now, for my birthday mornings, I like to treat myself to some ice cream for breakfast. Not that I couldn’t eat it any morning for breakfast, and trust me, there have been more occasions than just my birthday that I’ve eaten ice cream for breakfast, but there is something about starting your special day off with eating your favorite dessert- you’re just bound to have a great day.

My favorite thing to do to celebrate my birthday is to wear something that lets people know it’s my birthday.

When I was younger my mom made me a shirt that said “Today is my birthday” and it had a little dancing shadow on it. The first time I ever wore it, I got teased- I don’t remember what was said, but I remember feeling embarrassed that I had to go the rest of the day wearing it. Looking back, and if you know me now, you know that this is by FAR not who I am any more, I feel sad that I let someone ruin something special to me. In the years to follow that year, not only did I continue to wear that shirt until it didn’t fit me anymore, I also found or made other things to make people aware that that day was MY special day. You wouldn’t be wrong if you guessed I’d be the type to wear a tutu on my birthday and dance around singing a birthday song to myself- because that’s happened, multiple times, especially since I’ve started teaching. Where else can you wear a tutu and be told you are the most beautiful birthday princess or that you look like a real life rainbow?!

Today, I wore a blue, red, and white tutu for Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Someone thought it was mine.


2 thoughts on “Birthday favorites

  1. mcoop1st says:

    I have never eaten m & m’s in cereal and don’t think I will ever! You are the princess of 🍫! I do not know anyone else who loves it as much as you. I am so glad you always do what you want to do and not let what others say bother you!!


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