Winter, you can leave now

There is a dreaded storm heading our way; and while I welcome the snow day that will inevitably probably happen, I can’t help but just wish this weather would go away.

I get winter crazy. I hate being cold, I hate being inside, and I actually really don’t like the snow. Sure, the first few snowfalls are pretty, and the snow days are gifts to teachers, but I don’t find joy in being out in the cold, nor do I like trudging through snow up to my knees (I know, I know- get out of Maine, right?)

I am anxiously awaiting the brighter, sunnier, warmer weather. I need runs outside (my body won’t push myself past 3-4 miles on the treadmill anymore and I have a half marathon and a marathon to train for!), I need beautiful white clouds creating masterpieces across the sky, I need the sun and it’s warmth beating through my big classroom windows, I need to get my students outside more, and I desperately need to hike some mountains without the fear of sliding all the way down or having to turn around because I’m unprepared for the weather at toward the top.

I want to eat ice cream and not freeze while I enjoy it. I want to wear shorts and show off my new tattoo. I want to get my cute shoes out and put away my boots. I want my yellow rain jacket to finally make it’s appearance. I want my kids to make art in our little cove area outside my classroom door. I want to put my moonroof open and my windows down and drive anywhere- just as long as the sun is shining and the music is good.

I wish I could enjoy winters as much as I do the other seasons, but after 26 years of feeling the same way, I don’t think I ever will. Maybe…..but highly doubtful. I will just have to deal with the 6 months of winter and soak in every second of the 6 months of nicer weather.


My snow Thursday better be great.

3 thoughts on “Winter, you can leave now

  1. Emily Culbertson says:

    The weather is a popular topic today. It was warm here this weekend, feeling very spring-like with the lawn taking on a greener hue. Then today we had nasty wind with snow squalls. Yuck! I am with you in thinking we are ready for sun and fun!

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