There are 3 different types of teachers when it comes to making connections with students outside of the classroom.

Teacher 1: “Thank you for the invite, sweetie, however, I won’t be able to make it.” Because, well, life outside of the classroom.

Teacher 2: “I will try my hardest to stop by!” Because, well, maybe you’ll have time, maybe you won’t; maybe you want to, maybe you really don’t want to at all but can’t bring yourself to not show up because your students really do mean so much to you- so, you’ll try.

Teacher 3: Me.

Whether it’s a soccer game, basketball game, karate tournament, dance recital, concert, birthday party- I’m there. I rearrange my schedule to make sure I at least make an appearance. The joy on the face of those kids when they see me at their out-of-school event is enough to make me realize just how much I need them in my life.

I’ve been to many things for my students, but today was my most favorite. Today I was invited to my second birthday party for this particular child. She wanted to go ice skating. I haven’t been on ice skates in years…YEARS…like…at LEAST 10, probably, definitely, more. I stepped on the ice and almost immediately regretted my decision to wear my favorite jeans that would probably, definitely rip if I fell.

But, the absolute pure joy on this child’s face while skating with me, her best friend, her current teacher, and our boyfriend’s- was the greatest feeling of being apart of her life outside of the classroom.

8 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Amanda Potts says:

    I love that you made it to an ice skating birthday party. Talk about dedication! I’m impressed. My high school students rarely invite me to anything, but if I do make it to a game or show, I know they are pleased. Glad you made this little girl’s party that much more special.

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    • jsementelli says:

      It started with braiding hair! I would braid her hair every single day, and it became a joke with her mom and dad that if she came to school with only a pony tail, it was my job to braid it 🙂 she’s great, her family is great, and it’s been a relationship that will absolutely continue to grow over the years!

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  2. mraffinan says:

    Wow, that’s impressive that you get to all those students’ out-of-school activities! As a teacher I find myself more as Teacher 1 sadly. As a parent, I know that my own children absolutely LOVE when a teacher makes the sacrifice to do something outside of school hours. A big thanks to you from all the parents out there!

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    • jsementelli says:

      As someone who is not married and has no children at home, it’s…dare I say…”easy”…for me to make the time outside of school. My life really hasn’t started yet, so unless I’m coaching or tutoring I’m not doing a whole lot that’s “important” outside of school, so while my life is like this right now I like to make those mini sacrifices (not sleeping in on the weekends, spending $15 on a ticket to get in to a sporting event lol) and make my student’s day, because I know how much it means to them! Thank you for reaffirming that! 🙂


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