Selfish Post


I want my cat to be well traveled- and by that, I mean, I want to take him places! These places would include long-ish car rides- say, Maine to Vermont (4-5hour drive).

Do you take your kitty friend in the car?! What do you bring along? Do you have one of those seats that hang over the front passenger seat and provide a soft place for them to sit and look out the window? Or maybe one of those seats that suction cup to the window so they can lounge up close to the world outside.

I don’t want to keep him in a kennel or box, I want him to be comfortable!

Also- do you bring a kitty box for the car?!

Please tell me all your tricks to getting your kitty to love the car!!


6 thoughts on “Selfish Post

  1. stephaniemeier94 says:

    Any time I’ve traveled with Ringo, I bring him in a kitty carrier that has a blanket/ mini bed in it, and I just leave the door open if he wants to roam around. Sometimes he does, sometimes he stays in the kitty box, sometimes he sits on my lap. I’ve never gone on a long enough trip to require a litter box, although it might not be a terrible idea!

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  2. Amanda Potts says:

    Oh my goodness! Your kitten is adorable! That said, I cannot imagine that either of my cats would be willing to travel regularly. I did have one cat who moved with me – twice! – but even he was not a fan of cars. Good luck! You have lots of good ideas.

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  3. karpenglish says:

    What I have found over the years is that some cats take to cars better than others, but if you take them places consistently, they will travel much better. My best traveller was leash trained and I would take her to the park and to outdoor events and in the car on errands and things, so she did not associate the car with the v-e-t. (Weirdly, she learned the route to the v-e-t and would freak out until I made the right turn to the grocery store instead of the left to the dreaded office.) We used to take her on very long car trips between grad school in Utah and my folks in Southern California. Because my husband and I drove together, we did not restrain her in the car, and she would sit or stand on the passenger’s lap to look out the window. After a few hours of this, she would take a nap in the passenger’s lap. I had a hatchback, and we did put a clean litter box in the back in case of emergency, though she always chose to hold it until we arrived at our destination. We once did the Salt Lake to LA drive straight through in about 12 hours with only a brief drive through stop for lunch, since I was on crutches and we had the kitten with us. She did great! On other trips, we would stop for a while and take her out on her leash and let her walk around and explore. As long as she was with us, she did not seem to worry much about the travel, though she would usually fuss for the first 30 minutes. Then, having made her point, she relaxed and enjoyed the ride. I hope many adventures are in store for you and your adorable kitten.

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    • jsementelli says:

      This is exactly how i pictured everything! We plan to leash train him and take him to the park etc. thank you for showing me it is possible haha! We get him at 7 weeks old and the woman who is taking care of him now also takes him everywhere so I’m hoping we luck out 🙂 thank you!

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