SoCiAl MeDiA

All of our past social media gripes get to be thrown away today moving forward.

What an amazing community it’s been in these times of desperate despair.

I am overwhelmed with the generosity and genuine compassion that I’ve seen online since this disaster has started. Teachers and companies offering countless resources for free, internet companies offering free services for the time being, authors videoing themselves reading their stories, museums and zoos streaming and engaging students in learning in their homes… and so much more than I could have even fathomed would show up.

I’m aware of the challenges and sadness happening around us, but I am in complete awe of the sheer selflessness people are putting forward to make sure children everywhere don’t feel alone right now.

And then you’ve got the community of 20-40somethings who have really taken to social media in the form of Facebook, Instagram, and my personal favorite, TikTok. We may be alone, but we have amazing platforms to share and connect with anyone and everyone through text, photos, and videos. I personally feel like I have hundreds of people to keep me entertained at any given time, and in a time like right now, that could really help.

Being one who is an extroverted, social creature and feeling good around others, this social isolation is taking a toll on me in some ways. I’m trying to combat it with things I know I can do, but I desperately miss people. 

Social media can be a double edged sword for sure; but right now it’s comfort and connection, and that is something we can be thankful for.

One thought on “SoCiAl MeDiA

  1. Sonia Jaffe Robbins says:

    It is wonderful that so much is being available to children. It’s like a giant social experiment in online living. And social media can be so helpful in connecting people, although it can be responsible for spreading misinformation and connecting people to false rumors. Good luck and keep healthy.

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