Cue the tears

Dear students,

I’m currently curled up on my couch, in my gray sweatpants and gray sweatshirt with my hair in a top bun that you all love so much. Rello has been wandering around me, wondering why I am still home- he hasn’t yet decided if he loves it or hates it. Sometimes he’ll jump up next to me and make himself a little nap space, but other times it seems he’d rather distance himself in hopes to feel “normal” again. You know, normal as in- mom leaves for 10 hours a day and then comes back and smothers me. As much as I like seeing his sweet face every minute of the day; I miss that normal, too.

I miss you all, more than you will ever know. I miss greeting you with our own special handshakes that you each crafted back in September. I promise you I will never forget them. The minute I am able to rest my eyes on you one by one again we will have our special moment of greeting and I’ll probably end it with the biggest hug you’ve ever received.

I miss our classroom full of giggles and the pitter patter of running feet (even though you know you’re not supposed to be running!). After this nightmare is over, I will never again get grumpy about running feet in our space. I think about the times I’ve rolled my eyes and bit my tongue when I heard too much talking or laughing during work time- never again. I will never take for granted those moments of happiness even during times when you’re supposed to be “silent”. I will pause and smile and take in those moments and remember that life is too short to get grumpy over small conversations during independent math or writing.

I miss reading you stories. I miss 21 eyes and ears engaged in my read alouds. I miss partnering you up to turn and talk. I miss hearing your predictions, discussions, and opinions. I miss waiting 30 seconds for you to spit out the words you’re trying to say because you got so excited to speak that you stutter over whatever it was you wanted to share. I miss you counting how many people were sitting on the bench (you know only 6 are allowed) and I miss looking up to see two of you braiding each others hair and 2 more of you secretly playing thumb war; you don’t think I notice, but I do 🙂 But guess what? You’re still listening, and quite, and paying attention- and that’s what matters most.

I miss your writing. I miss watching you place adjectives in spots you think you can “spice up”. I miss you handwriting, even if I can barely read some of it. I miss your creative souls, your sense of humor, your excited hearts.

I think I might miss snack time the most. Playing music, listening to your conversations, throwing my dart eye daggers at you when you skip around with food in your mouth (I just want you to be safe!) I would give anything to be handing out my secret stash of M&Ms to you.

This period of time will forever change me as a teacher. Your class will forever hold a special place in my heart. I will never forget how this time away has effected me, and I will never go back to being the teacher I was before this. You all spoil me with “you’re the best teacher ever!” compliments, but my darlings I promise you, you will have an even better teacher than you had before when we get through this.

These are the only words I can muster up right now. I am sure I’ll be writing to you more in the upcoming weeks. I can only imagine how you’re feeling right now. Please know that I love you and I am thinking of you every second of the day. I hope you are safe, happy, and healthy.

Love, Miss Sementelli

8 thoughts on “Cue the tears

  1. Sarah Parker says:

    This is so sweet. Those kids are so lucky to have had you in their lives. I hope you are able to continue staying in touch with them online through this time so you can continue a new community. Your words beautifully articulated many of my own thoughts. Thanks.

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  2. Maureen Ingram says:

    This is so beautiful, I am going to share it with my teaching team. So many of the details about what you are missing are spot on for me, too, with preschoolers…well, maybe not the adjectives 😉 that’s a little high level for my little ones; but this – ha! – “After this nightmare is over, I will never again get grumpy about running feet in our space.” So true!! Thank you for this post!

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  3. Elizabeth Buettner says:

    I love how you wrote to your students! I might have to steel this wonderful idea. So true about how awesome snack time is being able to just watch them be kids.

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  4. astarowicz says:

    Miss Sementelli, This is fantastic!:) As I read your letter, I could feel the sadness, but I actually smiled and laughed at times (running in the classroom, secret M&Ms, the use of adjectives to “spice up” the sentence, catching the disguised thumb wars). After I was done reading, I imagined the letters that your students would write you. I’m certain that they would be equally as heartwarming and sincere (maybe not as well written:). Thank you for sharing your letter. Hang in there and think about when we finally get back into our classrooms – it is going to be AWESOME!

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  5. Anna Maria says:

    Those kids that you are missing are missing you right back. Your classroom sounds like it’s a great place for learning but also for some good old fashioned fun. You teach from the heart and you’ve really created a “home” for these kids in your room. They are so incredibly lucky to have you for their teacher.

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  6. livinglife816287820 says:

    Such a lovely letter to your students, suddenly we all appreciate all the little everyday things that sometimes used to drive us crazy and we hope that we never have to go through this scenario again. Bet your students are really missing school too and especially you!

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