Choppy Waters

The analogy I wrote to (pathetically) attempt to get my…ex…boyfriend to give our relationship the chance it deserves..

Pretend I’m your kayak. It’s a beautiful day but predicted to be a little wind. You want to go for a long, far paddle because that’s what makes you happy, but you’re scared you kayak might not make it because of the distance and the potential to run in to some choppy water; but you need to go for that paddle because you want to be happy and you want to enjoy that day with your kayak and make it to a beautiful island.

I’m your kayak. You’re scared to take me because there is potential to struggle, but you know how happy we are together and how great things are when we make it. The struggles can be met with understanding, patience, and knowing how to navigate better. Our seas won’t always be perfect, but together we can get through them because happiness, love, effort, and understanding create a bond that is strong. And we have that…we can still have that.