Cheers, Prayers, & Love

Dear Slicer’s,

Although March seemed to d r a g, my time with you all seems to come to an uneasy, abrupt halt. There were a few days I fell silent during this time, but for the most part, connecting with such a large group of individuals who felt my pain and discomfort and kept me smiling and laughing throughout it is a big part of what kept me grounded during this time. I will surly miss reading about the days that so weirdly resemble mine. I will miss posting my sulky, defeated posts and hearing that others, too, feel the same- but we’re all in this together. I will miss reading the positives and the hopes for when this is over. I will miss having something to actually do… even if I don’t get around to it until 8:30pm.

Thank you all who reached out, commented, liked, and shared with me; I will miss our connections throughout the rest of the year, but always look forward to the return the following spring. I hope you all stay well, happy, and healthy and find new things to fill your days- new hobbies, new laughs, “new normals”… we will get back to our “old normals”, but I know every one of us will have a “new, old normal”- one that is different, maybe more purposeful or even more fulfilling. I look forward to hearing about it, reading about it, seeing it.

As for me, I’ll be spending the upcoming days/weeks/months with Rello- who really seems to have a love/hate relationship with the fact that I’m now here all the time. We will continue to binge Netflix and switch back and forth between classy wine nights and the all-too-not-classy Naturdays. I’ll keep firing my shots at the range until they close that down. I’ll be setting up my target tree outback for my throwing axe. I’ll be cleaning my house every other day and more than likely live in a jungle by the time all my plants start sprouting and growing. I’ll keep running every morning and evening, eating my chocolate, and trying my jeans on every 2-3 days. I’ll keep online shopping while assuring my dad that I’m not spending too much money. I’ll hopefully get to start doing some sort of “teaching”- what that will look like, I still have no idea. I’ll keep being a smiling face to the kids who Zoom call into my sessions and only cry when no one is watching. I’ll continue my girls nights via FaceTime and creating silly TikToks; and I’ll keep looking for that silver lining, the purpose for all this, the reason, the message He’s trying to deliver to me, personally, as well as to this world.

My cheers, thoughts, and prayers are to all of you, tonight. Be well, and know that I am forever thankful to this group during this time.


5 thoughts on “Cheers, Prayers, & Love

  1. astarowicz says:

    Thank you for this post and all of the ones that came before it in this long month of March. I needed this writing venue this year (even more than I knew it at the beginning of March). I also want to thank you for the virtual drinking idea – I have had virtual happy hours the last two Fridays. I can’t wait for this Friday. Be well, my writing friend. Stay healthy, and I’ll be looking for you next March.:)

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  2. Darin Johnston says:

    >my time with you all seems to come to an uneasy, abrupt halt. <

    This year, more than any other, that above statement seems to be true. I'd be happy for #SliceofLifeApril to continue, but alas, no. I wish you well in the rest of the year and hope to see you slicing next March! πŸ™‚

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