Months to weeks to days

Countdowns- they can be super fun but also daunting, right? I guess it always depends on what you’re counting down to; though I’m not sure why you’d want to count down to a dentist appointment (to each their own).

I’ve always thought of countdowns as fun and exciting; keeping track of how many days left until it’s my birthday, or until the last day of school (don’t judge me- I love my job but I’m a sun baby and LOVE those long summer days off). I always felt excitement toward those countdowns and seeing the number change each day made me smile and giddy.

But I’ve recently started a new countdown, and I can’t help but feel sad sometimes when I look at it. It’s counting down to something absolutely amazing, but it’s almost like the days are passing slower and because it’s not coming quickly enough I feel like it’s not coming at all. I get discouraged and anxious and while I still can’t wait for this moment, it just feels like it’s a never ending waiting game.

42 more days until I get to see my boyfriend after…well… let’s just put it this way; I haven’t seen this man in a year. There are many factors that went into this long of a distance, but really the only important point is that it’s been a year since I’ve been in the same place as him, and the countdown is finally at 42 days. I am beyond looking forward to seeing him in 6 weeks, but the nights are long. I love seeing the countdown on my phone, but instead of “only 42 more days!” it’s been “there’s still 42 more days…”

If anyone has any tips on how to make these long, lonely countdowns a little livelier I will gladly take them! For now I will continue to wait patiently until my feet hit the sands of Charleston.

2 thoughts on “Months to weeks to days

  1. sgeijer says:

    I’m so glad to see you’re slicing again! And oh man, a whole year apart!? I’m sure these final days are going to drag by- keeping yourself busy with family and friends may help the time pass a little quicker!!!


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