Wandering ears

I don’t like to gossip.

Like, I hate it. And I always feel so guilty after when I partake in it- in any form.

But today it was hard to ignore.

Whispers all over school.

Some saying the same thing,

Some with new information to be passed along.

I tried to walk away.

I tried to turn my ears.

But it was everywhere.

And I wanted to hear more.

Finally we were all able to talk openly about it, which made me feel better.

But nothing came of the conversation.

And now I have to sit and wait to hear

How COVID-19 will affect my school.

2 thoughts on “Wandering ears

  1. astarowicz says:

    GREAT post! We are a lot alike. I hate rumors. I feel like I’m the sound board in the sixth grade wing of the building. I work with twelve women and they all love to share their gripes about the school with me. Unfortunately, I wear two hats. I am a teacher and a school board member where my kids go to school, so I am doubly stressed about the near future of both of my school districts. Honestly, I can’t wait until we have an answer, and I hope that our strategy (closing schools) does work. THANK YOU for sharing.

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