5 Senses to the Rescue

I’m struggling a bit today, so here’s a fun prompt I found;

5 things you can see.
4 things that you can hear.
3 things that you can feel.
2 things that you can smell.
1 thing that you can taste.

I see Rello sprawled out, his floof overflowing his sleeping space, his little body rising and falling with each breath.

I see my phone screen lit up with the face of my best friend who keeps me company in this lonely apartment.

I see my candles flickering in the slowly dimming rooms as the sun goes down and night falls upon the slits of my blinds.

I see the empty plate that held my pizza slices just minutes before lounging back to type with both hands.

I see the glow of the paused tv, that really is only there to make me feel like there’s something “normal” about all of this.

I hear Rello’s water fountain humming because his tiny tongue has lapped up so much of it that it’s getting too low for the motor to run properly.

I hear the ding of my  phone- my mom checking in, most likely asking about Rello.

I hear the vibration of my refrigerator, which is now full of essentials for one to last 2 weeks.

I hear Joan on FaceTime talking about someone in her apartment complex that has COVID-19.

I feel the softness of the pillow I placed behind me while I lay back on the couch.

I feel the tickle of the baby hairs around my neck and face that didn’t make it into my messy top knot.

I feel the chill of my apartment air on my bare feet after turning the heat down a bit.

I smell the mildly disturbing amount of garlic I put on my pizza tonight ( 🙂 ).

I smell the sweet scents of my lemon and tangerine candles gently making their way around the room.

I taste the nostalgic pieces of my childhood- homemade pizza and grape flavored water.

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