Naps in many places

I took a nap today. On my love seat of a couch, in sweat pants that belong to my boyfriend and a 10 year old ratty sweatshirt.

I could hear the constant hum of my refrigerator, my movie playing softly in the background, and the gusts of wind blowing my wind chime like crazy outside the door that was less than 3 feet away from me (oh tiny apartments….).

I desperately wish I had been laying in my hammock, swaying in the warm breeze with sounds of water lapping and birds chirping. My orange mesh shorts and plum purple sorority tank shirt, bare feet and tanned skin. Ocean air or mountain air, I can’t decide, I can’t play favorites there…I deeply enjoy the smell and feeling of both.

My mind changes. Now I want to be on my paddle board, the wind gently moving me across the smooth water top. Bathing suit, life jacket (safety!) sunglasses. Hot sun on my body, toes in the cool water for a nice balance of temperature; the sounds of nothing and everything filling my ears.

I’m back in my living room. Cold, alone, listening to 2 feet of snow fall just feet away from my head. I’m at my breaking point. This weather is depressing. My soul needs sun. My body needs warmth. My eyes need green grass, blue skies, and giant, puffy (non-threatening) cumulonimbus clouds. My hair needs the salty sea and the windy mountain air. It’s amazing what winter does to me, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It strips me of my happy-go-lucky attitude and the smile on my face fades like the color that drains from everything during this dreadful season. Someday I’ll live somewhere where winter doesn’t happen. Snow might, but winter itself is only but a tease to those who have never truly experienced it, but a welcome “treat” for those who lived with it their whole life.

For now, I’ll watch Mamma Mia, and plan my trip to Skopelos, because that’s the kind of place I need right now.

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