Daddy’s Motivation

A few months ago my dad joined me at Planet Fitness because I have the black card and he could come with me as my guest. We got on the treadmill and he pushed me to run a 5k with him. I did it, and it felt really good! He ended up getting a membership there and we work out at least 3 times a week together, sometimes more. I enjoy that time we spend together, and he always gets me to go my hardest and farthest!

Yesterday afternoon I was not feeling the gym. But the evening before, I had skipped the gym, and my dad had said that we would definitely go together Tuesday. So I sucked up my sluggish feeling and made my way to the gym. When I got there, he was already on the treadmill waiting for me. I walked over to him and with a big smile he said “my meeting got cancelled at lunch time today, so I came over here at noon and ran 5 miles!” My dad is insane. He runs at least a 5k 6 days a week (sometimes 7) and on most  days he runs anywhere from 4-6 miles. He’s crazy…and he’s fast. All of these runs are done in less than an hour.

So I said to him “why are you here now if you were already here earlier?” And he responded with “well, you said you were coming and that you needed your back stretched and massaged (he’s an athletic trainer, so he knows all the right things to do) so I wanted to be here for you! Plus I saved you this treadmill.

What a guy. I love my dad. He worked on the knot in my back for a couple of minutes and then went to lift for a bit. Before he left, he asked me how many miles I was going to run today. “Eh, only 2 I think.” “Have fun!” He chuckled.

I started running and I felt good. Amped it up and felt great. My dad checked in around mile 1.8. He teased, “only 2 miles today girl?”

I smiled and said “eh, maybe 3.”

I ran a 5k. Just for him.


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