Ink therapy

Since last years Slice of Life, I’ve gotten 2 new tattoos.

Daisies are my favorite flower. I’ve wanted a daisy tattoo for a while, but I knew I wanted it to be detailed and big, so I knew it would be expensive and I needed to be completely ready for it.

I got the tattoo a couple months after my break up, and it was one of those “healing things” I needed to do. My tattoo artist designed the most perfect center, and he gave a couple of the petals a little twist of their own; wilted petals to symbolize the imperfection of beauty and life. I was absolutely in love with it, and it’s one of my favorite pieces. It has so much meaning behind it, but it can be summed up completely with my favorite quote: “Love her but leave her wild”



My second new tattoo is of a pine tree. I have always been an avid hiker and outdoors person. Being in the woods lets me think and breathe and pray more clearly. It’s absolutely my favorite place to be. This tattoo has a lot of meaning behind it as well- mostly about finding myself again and knowing that I am enough- but can best be summed up with this song lyric: “I’ve been through the desert and I’ve been across the sea// I’ve been walking through the mountains and wandered through the trees for her// I have been trying to find her want to give what I got”



Oh, I also got my nose pierced the same day I got my tree tattoo! My brother’s girlfriend came with me, and I convinced her to get her first tattoo right then on the spot- and she said she would only do it if I got my nose pierced that day- so, she did, and I did 🙂


4 thoughts on “Ink therapy

  1. romeolitcoach says:

    Way to embrace the love for yourself. I am amazed at how much tatoos mean to people. I didn’t really get it until my daughter got her first one. They seem to be an extension of her personality. Looks like yours show your strength.

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