To see someone

I never thought I’d give in and see a therapist.

I thought I’d look weak, defeated.

I never wanted to admit that I was so lost, because of people who are no longer in my life.

I never wanted to discuss my eating disorder.

I never wanted to talk about my anxiety over the littlest, sometimes silliest things.

I never wanted to cry in front of a complete stranger.

I never wanted to scream and get angry in front of someone who doesn’t know where the pain is coming from.

But I finally gave in. I made the call, sobbing in my classroom. I made the appointments every week for 4 months. And then it was every 2 weeks. And then every 3. And now it’s once a month.

And it’s one of the most freeing Monday’s of the month.

4 thoughts on “To see someone

  1. lvahey says:

    What a brave post, representing the brave work of talking (therapy = Slicing out loud to a professional?!). Sending you grace as you take care of yourself.

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  2. mbush17 says:

    I LOVE my therapist. She is incredible. I tell everyone that a therapist should be like a dentist appointment. I also believe work should make it mandatory, like a check up, it helps us individually, but I have learned how to help my students through the strategies I have learned! You go girl! Keep it up!

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