A bad day

Today was a bad day.

I’m lonely.







And no one wanted to talk today.

Because everyone else is feeling this, too.

And sometimes when we have bad days, we just want to be alone.

But I wanted someone to talk to; and I had no one.

So, today was a bad day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

12 thoughts on “A bad day

  1. hannanabanana says:

    It can be tough when everyone is busy or not responding and you really need someone to help you out of the funk. Iโ€™ve definitely had days like that where I feel like I have no friends because no is reaching out. I hope the blues can move on tomorrow – maybe trying going outside if itโ€™s sunny or doing a workout to give you the endorphins or vitamin D to make you happy in a natural way

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  2. carolannclark says:

    I 100% understand this! These are hard days-harder than I thought they would be and likely harder than many of us thought they would be. Thanks for expressing what I felt today. Yes, maybe tomorrow will be better.

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  3. Darin Johnston says:

    We might have “Corona Party” this Friday on Google Meet, just a way we can socialize, have a drink together, and feel like the community we are. I’ve been in contact with my brother, my parents, and others I’ve not talked to in years. That need to be human is so much!

    I agree with Hannah above me, I started an exercise routine, and that helps. I’m limiting my caffeine, have starting meditating and doing a little yoga. Anything to keep myself from sitting at my computer and doing computing stuff.

    Be well. We need your voice out there! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • jsementelli says:

      Corona party! Woo! The amount of people that suggest a virtual happy hour makes me giggle- we teachers are all the same, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚ RUnning has been my sanity! Though I’m losing interest in listening to repeated songs LOL I’ve never ran this much! Getting out and about today will hopefully be nice. We’ll get through this!

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  4. Radutti says:

    Be well – you’re definitely not alone in these feelings…the irony of a lot of this is in a time when we need to come together we’re literally limited in our ability to do so! Keep truckin’, it’s gonna pass somehow.

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  5. astarowicz says:

    I’m sorry that Monday was a bad day. Know that you were not alone. I, too, had a bad day – feeling like this may not end for a long time (our governor stated last week “12-18 months”, over the weekend, he stated “4-9 months” and today, states that we may be able to get back on our feet in 15-20 days – I am puzzled – so I stopped watching the news) and being depressed about it. I have two guy friends that I work (there are not many men that teach at my middle school), and they also texted that they are having the same kind of bad day. Although, I just suggested a virtual happy hour on Friday and they were cured.:)

    I know that this may sound obsessive, but I have scheduled times during the day that I get out of the house for a run or walk (or to play hoops with my kids). It truly helps. I leave the house four times a day (sometimes more – depending on the weather). It’s just good to pass a fellow walker or runner (from a six foot distance:) and say “hello”. For me, it’s a connection to the outside world. I hope that Tuesday is better. Thank you for sharing.

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    • jsementelli says:

      Virtual happy hour is definitely needed! Getting outside helps me, too- I’m grateful I live in a safe little neighborhood that has a 4ish mile route that I run at least once a day (though lately I’ve done it a couple times- at least I’ll be in good shape!). We got snow last night….I’m not thrilled, lol- but I’m sure my students are so that’s good ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m heading out to hopefully have a better day today- we shall see! Thanks for chiming in that I’m not alone!


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